Pick Your Snack Helmet Team!


jayHey Football fans!

My name is Jay and I am a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan! I’ve been watching the NFL & CFL (gimme a break, I’m Canadian) since I was 8 years old.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I was 40 year old when I went to my first tailgate party! Again.. don’t judge, I’m Canadian! 😉

At this tailgate party, my buddy had one of these snack helmets and I thought it would an awesome addition to my own sports room – so I quickly bought one.

Now, when folks come over to watch a game, people are always commenting on my (Philadelphia Eagles) snack helmet AND the awesome snacks I put inside them.

This new popularity brought me to building this website to share my love for football related snacks that I put in my awesome football snack helmets. Within this site you will find details on great snacks you can put in your helmet along with a simple guide on how you can get your own Football Snack Helmet!