Football Snack Helmets

Get a Snack Helmet of your Favorite NFL Team!

These Football Snack Helmets have two main trays to hold separate snacks.
Within the face protector tray, it is split into two separate sections.

This is ideal for having separate dips if you want to do the chips and dips type of snack.

The Football Snack Helmets come in 28 different styles and each style representing a different NFL team. Select your team in the above menu to learn more about that NFL team’s snack helmet.

Why Have a Snack Helmet?

There are a plethora of reason why you can have one of these awesome beauties, but the number one reason is to support your team!

I personally have 2 snack helmets because I have 2 favorite teams.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. Seattle Seahawks

Each of the snack helmets are on the opposite side of my sofa and they look great! When there are no snacks in them, they looks like REAL football helmets.