3 Snack Ideas for Your Football Snack Helmet

Even though the football snack helmet only has three compartment trays, there are plenty of snack ideas you can do with those trays. And with each of the snack tray compartments microwavable, the possibilities are endless!

Here are 3 simple snack ideas for football snack helmet

Tortilla Chips, Salsa and Hot Cheese Dip

This is a great fast way to put out something awesome for your next football party. Take the tortilla chips and nuke them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. This will warm them up a bit which will bring out the flavor of the chips.  Then place them in the top container.

Next, grab your favorite salsa and place that in one of the face mask containers. Lately, I have been using a wicked hot salsa called Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa and it is awesome!  But be warned, it is spicy!

Lastly, grab your best cheese dip and warm it up in the microwave for the instructed time and bang! You’ve some hot cheese dip for your last container.

Swedish Meatballs, Lingonberry Sauce & IKEA Gravy

Every time I go to IKEA, I always visit their food area and eat some of their yummy Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce. Then I realized that they sell that stuff to go! So, here is how you can have an IKEA meal in your football snack helmet!

Now the only way to get IKEA meatball (called KÖTTBULLAR) is to order from their online store or go to an IKEA location. If those aren’t possible, then any meatball will do. Once you have prepared them, place a paper towel to line the bottom of the top snack compartment and place the meatballs in there. To make it easy for your guests to grab them, place a toothpick in each one.

For the Lingonberry Sauce, you can actually buy that stuff on Amazon! Other options instead of Lingonberry Sauce would be cranberry sauce. Take the sauce out of the jar and give it a good stir before placing it in the facemask container as this will chuff it up a bit and make it easier for dipping.

Lastly, prepare your IKEA gravy (available on Amazon) and place it in the other facemask container.

Veggies, Ranch & Hummus Dip

Now for those on a health kick or a forced healthy diet, here is a great snack.

Slice up a bunch of veggies such as carrots, celery and red pepper and place them in the top container. If you can get them to stand up within the container, bonus points for you as it will then fit more veggies.

Find your favorite low calorie ranch dip (this one seems to be the best on Amazon) and place it in the mask container.

Lastly, grab some Hummus dip and give it a good stir like you did for theLingonberry Sauce as this will make the dip easier to pick up with the veggies.

And there you have it!

These 3 simple snack ideas for your snack helmet can be prepared within minutes and are a little bit more fancy than a bunch of chips. So, next time you have friends over for the game – try making one of these quick snacks for your football snack helmet.

Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

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How to Clean Your Snack Helmet

With the NFL in full swing and the carbs are loaded in your snack helmets, it’s time to learn how to clean your new prized possession – the snack helmet.

How to Clean Your Football Snack HelmetMany people have been asking me a bunch of questions recently on proper ways to clean the helmet, so I thought it would be wise to write this out for you.

One of the great thing about these snack helmets is how easy they are to clean. With my first snack helmet, I would put everything in the dishwasher after each game because it would be dirty from all the awesome snacks I used. After a few washes in the dishwasher, I noticed the team logo started to peel. This was due to the high temperature wash and super hot water.

So, as tempting as it is, do not put the actual helmet in the dishwasher! Your team’s logo and any other decals on the helmet will start to peel or fade.

What you should be doing is hand washing the actual helmet and put the containers in the dishwasher.

Here is a simple step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Eat your snacks
  2. Disassemble the containers from the snack helmet (they snap off easily)
  3. Place the containers in the top shelf of the dishwasher. If you have never done this, ask a grown up to help you. 😉
  4. Wash your football snack helmet in warm soapy water with a soft cloth. Do not use any type of abrasive material because this will scratch your helmet.

Done! Of course, if you want to give your helmet a realistic look, use an abrasive scrubber and make up a story that you used to play for the NFL. 🙂

Do you have any washing tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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